Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Article: Business Continuity Beyond Company Walls: When A Crisis Hits, Will Your Vendors’ Resiliency Match Your Own?

At a glance

Reliance on third parties is substantial and continues to gain momentum. Companies are increasingly migrating core and strategic functions to external providers with the objectives of improving efficiency, accelerating growth, and enabling operational transformation. This whitepaper highlights the journey to an integrated, responsive, and proactive business continuity management program that extends beyond your company's walls.

Do strategy execution discussions include the need to gain insight into your critical vendors’ resiliency and recovery capabilities? If not, are strategic goals at risk of being derailed by an unfortunate combination of unprepared vendors and insufficient internal resiliency and contingency planning?

To some degree, organizations with global supply and service chains and outsourced business processes live constantly in the cross hairs, with a near guarantee of major impacts from a natural or man-made disaster — if not today, then soon.

Read more at http://www.pwc.com/us/en/risk-assurance-services/publications/bcm-vendor-transparency-resiliency.jhtml

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